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Typical Chesapeake Pest Control Problems

Chesapeake is located south of Portsmouth, VA, and is permeated by rivers. It’s known as the second most populated city in Virginia. Because of Chesapeake’s rivers and greenery, the pest population rises to meet the bustling human population. 

Rodents are a concern in Chesapeake. Mice and rats don’t love the business of the city, so they seek shelter wherever they can. Because of all the rivers in Chesapeake, there are a lot of rodents drawn to the area, and they need a place to live. To keep rodents outside, residents should seal all cracks and crevices carefully. Mice have been known to squeeze through dime-sized holes, so it’s important to seal every gap, crack, and crevice. 

Cockroaches also cause problems in the area. The American cockroach, also called the “water bug,” is the most common. Food and water attracts them, so it’s important to clean up well. No one wants these cockroaches crawling or flying around their home. 

Luckily, Fox Pest Control has the experience and the tools to exterminate cockroaches and rodents. Call today!

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Our Connection to Chesapeake

Isaiah Crudup, a Fox technician, goes through Chesapeake on his route. He loves the energy of the city but hasn’t been able to explore it much. Isaiah was born in Jacksonville, FL but grew up in Virginia Beach. Isaiah enjoys the chance he gets to drive through Chesapeake on his route and has stopped a few times at a restaurant there called Y Not Italian. He said the owner’s name is Tony, and the first two parts of the name intentionally spell “Tony” backwards. Y Not Italian is on his list of new places to go once he travels through Chesapeake again. Fox Pest Control is a proud member of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, doing what we can in the community.

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